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This application helps you create your own meme images
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Michael Fogleman

Lately, more and more social media websites with funny images are launched. Also known as memes, these images include amusing comments and that could, ultimately, go viral. Programs like iMeme help you create your own meme and impress your friends with hilarious parodies.

This application will bring you a wide range of most popular templates, from Bill Murray Golf and Chemistry Cat to Computer Guy and Forever Alone; of course, you can use your own background image if you like. You will get two text boxes where you can write down the comments for the loaded picture.
Personally, I would've liked to get more text and image editing tools. The application only allowed me to adjust the text alignment and size.

Another drawback of using iMeme is that many features which were stated on the homepage weren't available in this Windows version. For instance, you can save the meme only to JPEG format, there's no Print button and it lacks the option to upload the resulted meme to social media websites.

As I've previously mentioned, this Windows version still needs some improvements. But, if you ask me, these flaws can easily be ignored if you only need the program for a simple meme creation, especially when you don't have to pay to use it.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports various image formats (input)
  • Comes with numerous meme templates


  • The upload option is available only for the mac version
  • The results can be saved only as JPEG files
  • Unable to print memes
  • Unable to change font style
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